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Losing weight is a common challenge shared by millions of Australians each year. We understand that there are many factors involved in losing those unwanted kilos and that is why we have created our simple and effective 12 week weight loss program.

In 2017-18, an estimated 12.5 million Australian adults were overweight or obese (1). Being overweight increases the risk of many chronic health conditions including Cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, a range of different types of Cancer and some musculoskeletal disorders such as Osteoarthritis (2).  While following a fad diet may produce some results in the short-term, the research and evidence tells us that the weight starts to creep back on as soon as the new radical approach becomes too difficult, and you return to your regular eating pattern.

Our one on one, tailored 12 week program focuses is on simple, sustainable and long term weight loss.


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(1) www.aihw.gov.au (2) www.who.int 

In this program, Accredited Practising Dietitian Jarrod Agosta will show you how to make small changes to your lifestyle to lose excess body fat and keep it off.  Jarrod will look at your current eating patterns (when, what and why you eat) to identify habits that may have lead to incremental weight gain over time.

Working in collaboration with you, your goals and unique lifestyle, Jarrod will help you find healthy, nutritious, affordable choices that work for you. Jarrod can also advise you on simple and effective ways to supplement your weight loss, like how to be more active and improve your overall fitness levels.

Our 12 week program is specially designed to help keep you motivated and on track to achieve your weight loss goals. Over the 12 weeks Jarrod will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Portion Control – how big is ‘a serve’ of your main food groups?
  • Product Knowledge – what are the healthier options to choose in the supermarket?
  • Quick and Easy, Healthy Convenience Options – how to build a simple healthy meal
  • Mindful Eating – how to stop emotional eating, and break those unwanted habits

What does the 12 Week Weight Loss Program Look Like?

The program consists of 5 one-on-one sessions and a 'check in' phone call to keep you on track

Session 1

  • During your initial consultation, Jarrod will get to know you, understand your goals and motivation, and learn more about your general health and past weight loss experiences.
  • You will set some targets and begin to learn about the ‘Healthy Plate Model’, portion sizes and visual aids to help you make better choices from the start of the program.

Session 2

  • Jarrod will assess how you have progressed after your initial session, answer any questions you may have and modify your program if required.
  • You will learn about comparing different products, how to read food labels and what foods you can substitute as a healthier option.

Session 3

  • 4 weeks into the program, Jarrod will review your progress, answer any questions you have and again make any required tweaks to your personalised program so you get the best outcome
  • You will learn about meal prep and be given healthy, quick and simple meal ideas suited to your needs.

Session 4

  • 8 weeks into the program, Jarrod will address any challenges you are are having and provide simple solutions so you stay on track.
  • You will learn about mindful eating and reducing distractions or poor habits around eating.  You will also learn about hunger cues and how slowing down while eating can have a dramatic affect on your weight loss.

Check In Call

  • At 10 weeks, Jarrod will touch base with you to see how you are going, answer any questions you may still have and continue to help you get the most out of your healthy eating.

Session 5

  • After 12 weeks you will have a much better understanding of sustainable healthy eating for weight loss. Jarrod will review your progress and make sure you are well equipped with the tools you need to continue to eat healthily after the program.
  • Jarrod will go over the new things you have learned over the previous 12 weeks, he will make sure he answers any of your questions and that you are confident in continuing the great progress you have made.

After the Program

  • After you have completed the 12 week program, rest assured you are not just left to your own devices!
  • Jarrod will make sure you are moving in the right direction and if further assistance is required, it can be provided in ongoing care.

These is no time like the present to get the ball rolling. Start by taking the right steps to build a happier and healthier you and enjoy life the way it should be.


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Lose weight AND save money at the same time! Save 15% (7% for concession holders) by purchasing your 12 week program up front. Pay on the day options are also available, so don’t stress. There’s no need to decide which option you would like to go for right now, simply let us know what you prefer at your initial consultation – the choice is yours!


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