Nutrition at South Eastern Active Health

Exercise aids weight loss and managing a healthy a weight. It’s also necessary to improve your metabolism. But nutrition is essential. Learning how to eat a balanced diet is vital for your overall health, wellbeing and maintaining long term change.
Food provides our bodies with the energy we need to function adequately. A balanced diet which includes a variety of food provides our bodies with the right amounts of nutrients. This helps with weight loss and weight loss maintenance, improved metabolism and a healthier a way of living.

When we lack appropriate and adequate nutrition, there is an increased risk for disease. Some of the major health ailments that poor diet and nutrition can lead to include:

  • an increased risk of heart disease and stroke
  • an increased risk of obesity and other metabolic diseases
  • an increased risk of diabetes
  • an increased risk of osteoporosis

Our qualified Nutritionist can help you make the right choices to improve your food intake and achieve your goals.