A comprehensive 10 week program designed by expert IBS & FODMAP Dietitian

Maddie Lawson

Maddie Lawson Eating Disorder Dietitian

I have created this specifically designed IBS program to help you find relief from the uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms of IBS, and to help identify your personal triggers so that you can live your best life.

– Maddie Lawson




Your Initial Session (60 mins) 

Maddie will take you through a through medical, social, weight , IBS symptoms and diet history and devise a treatment plan based on your unique information.

  • Your plan may vary from commencing the low FODMAP diet, symptom management or perhaps send you for further testing.
  • You will also receive your very own supportive IBS supplement and online low FODMAP starter packs.

3 x 30 min in person reviews sessions

  • 1st review: Maddie will assess your progress on the low FODMAP diet / symptoms to determine eligibility for commencing to phase 2. Depending on your results, you may commence phase 2 of the diet or continue phase 1 until your next review.
  • 2nd review: Maddie will go over the first round of FODMAP challenge results (oligosaccharides testing) or commence phase 2 FODMAP challenges.
  • 3rd review: Maddie will review the final FODMAP challenges / liberalise diet and personalise recommendations for the long term.

4 x 15 min support calls (Zoom)

  • Maddie will check in with you and explore your understanding and adherence to the diet.
  • You will be abel to ask questions regarding meals and snacks, symptom management.
  • Maddie will examine/explain any new test results and assist with habit reinforcement.

Starter Packs

Supplement starter pack

 – Peppermint oil capsules

 – IBS probiotics

 – Lactase tablets (30)

 – Online Low FODMAP starter pack

 – Information on the diet

Online Low FODMAP starter pack

 – online FODMAP resources to access any time

The 10 week IBS program

(Total value $820)

Pay in full and save $221 so you can focus on your program without worrying about payments along the way.

For only $599 you get all 8 appointments + supplements + online IBS starter pack

• Our pay-as-you-go option allows you to make payments at each appointment.

Your 1st appointment is $250, which includes your supplements and started pack, then $70 for each subsequent appointment AND you still get to save $80

Our comprehensive 10 week IBS program is designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. With personalised support and guidance from our expert Dietitian Maddie, you’ll be on your way to a healthier, happier you in no time.