Headaches and migraine can leave you feeling helpless. But often there are things we can do to help improve or prevent the pain of a headache without the use of heavy medication.  Regular stretching, exercise and hands-on treatment may bring so much relief you would wonder why you never tried these simple ideas before.

The most common cause for headaches is pain referred from muscle tension and joint stiffness in your neck and shoulder region.  Overuse and irritation of vulnerable muscles and joints in your neck and upper back can cause stiffness or locking in your spine as well as large painful knots in your muscles called Trigger Points. The pain created by Trigger Points is not always felt in the area of the Trigger Point itself. Referred pain from the muscles and joints in your neck and shoulder region can often cause pain into your head called a tension/stress headache.

We specialise in relieving headaches caused by stiff joints in your spine and trigger points in your muscles. To reduce your tension headache you need to relax the affected muscles and joints. This process reduces joint stiffness and trigger points. 4 ways you may do this are:

  1. Hands-on treatment involving massage to the muscles and trigger points and joint therapy to reduce spinal joint stiffness
  2. Relax the muscle through the application of heat
  3. Stretch the affected/knotted muscles
  4. Improve posture and ergonomics to reduce the stress on your muscles and joints