Joint manipulation is often referred to by Osteopaths as an High velocity, low amplitude or ‘HVLA’. This is a gentle, safe and effective technique designed to restore the normal movement to a joint (any joint in the body) that is stuck or not moving properly.

HVLA is a technique which employs a rapid, targeted, therapeutic force of brief duration that travels a short distance within the range of motion of a joint and engages the restrictive barrier to elicit release of restriction. This is often accompanied by a popping sound. The sound is simply gas bubbles that are released from the fluid within the joint at the time of the manipulation.  Click here to find out more about the popping sound –

Because of this sound associated with this technique it often, incorrectly, called ‘cracking’ and people assume it causes damage to their spine. However, when done by a fully qualified Osteopath after a detailed assessment this technique is a gentle, effective and very safe way of restoring normal movement to the joints in the body.

Please note that not everyone who sees a Osteopath at South Eastern Active Health will have this technique performed. This is only one of many techniques that are used in joint therapy and only performed with the patient’s consent and if the practitioner deems it appropriate for the condition being treated.

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