Counterstrain technique was first developed by Dr Lawrence Jones in the 1950’s as a safe, effective method to treat dysfunction that utilises a muscle reflex to relax and lengthen certain muscles that are often causing pain and restriction.

This technique is a passive, gentle release in which the patient is requested to relax completely and allow the tender point in the muscle or joint be moved to position of comfort. This comfortable position is held by the practitioner for a period of time, usually around 90 seconds, then the muscle or joint is gently returned to the neutral position and the tender point is retested. The usual result is a reduction in pain and tenderness and an improved function in the muscle and range of motion in the joint.

Counterstrain technique is an extremely effective and soothing treatment. It is especially useful on elderly patients or when treating acute or sensitive injuries.  This type of gentle release has been found to be extremely successful in treating headaches, migraines, back pain, muscle and joint injuries.

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