Crossfit dead lift

Crossfit is the sport of fitness. It is a strength and conditioning program based around using functional movements combined in a high intensity and constantly varied workout. Using a combination of cardio, basic gymnastic and calisthenics, powerlifting and olympic weightlifting, CrossFit will help you lose weight, get stronger, faster, fitter and be more confident.


Crossfit Elastic band

As with any high intensity training where you challenge your body, injuries can occur. At South Eastern Active Health, our practitioners understand CrossFit, because they participate in the sport. Due to the unique skill set a CrossFit athlete needs to acquire as they progress in the sport, it is important that injuries be managed by a professional who understands the movements and skills required.

Our practitioners are capable of managing your injury from the initial acute onset, right through to rehabilitation and strengthening. We can also help modify your CrossFit program to allow you to keep training through your injury and return to full movement and strength in the shortest possible time.

Photos thanks to @matthewtownsendphoto