Having a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do to protect your heart health. With heart disease being the leading cause of death in Australia, eating well for heart health couldn’t be more important.

Poor diet is one of the leading risk factors for heart disease in Australia, which represents one in five of all deaths in Australia. with unhealthy diets contributing to 62% of coronary heart disease burden and 34% of stroke burden. The good news is, heart disease is largely preventable with a healthy lifestyle.

There are many foods containing protective compounds which are optimal to include as part of a heart-healthy diet to prevent you from developing heart disease. These dietary approaches are not new, rather there is great evidence supporting traditional eating habits from around the world, such as the Mediterranean-style diet, to reduce cardiovascular disease.

The benefits don’t just stop at the heart, implementing these dietary strategies can also help to control blood sugar levels, protect against diabetes, enhance gut health, improve cognitive function and support long term weight stabilisation.

A heart-healthy diet includes a diversity of foods that are equally delicious as they are nutritious. A dietitian can support you to work out how to best incorporate these foods, as well as healthy eating strategies, into your lifestyle.

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