Stretching is an integral part of the hands on therapy approach at our clinic. Our therapists use specific stretching techniques designed to increase the flexibility of certain muscles and joints in the body. This enables the body to move more efficiently and therefore heal faster and reduce pain and stiffness. There are many types of stretches, here are some of the techniques we use at our clinic.

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Active Stretches

These are usually done with the patient adopting a position directed by their practitioner in order to stretch a specific muscle. Like bending your head to the side trying to touch your ear to your shoulder – ┬áin doing so your should feel a stretch on the opposite shoulder. These types of stretches are also given as part of a home exercise program. Patients perform the stretches in their own time which can assist in managing their pain and improving the recovery process.

Leg Stretching

Passive Stretches

These are stretches where another person or device assists in stretching the affected muscle. Like lying on your back and having some lift your leg up until you feel a pulling in the back of your leg. This helps you relax the muscle while stretching.

Stretching Position

PNF Stretching

This involves taking a muscle into a passive stretch and then tensing the muscle while in a stretched position. The contraction is held for a few seconds and then the muscle is taken further into a stretched position. This technique is usually repeated a few times per muscle and is a very effective way of creating more stretch in a muscle over a short period of time.

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