Dry Needling is a technique that is aimed at releasing tight and tender muscles. Our specially trained practitioners feel for the tight and tender points in the muscle, also known as trigger points, and then insert very fine needles into these areas. The needles are either left in place for a short period of time, or your practitioner may stimulate the area by moving the needle around.

Recent research has shown that active trigger points contain many chemicals associated with pain and inflammation. This can also affect the local nerves and joint near the trigger point. Dry needle therapy has been shown to help reduce and in some cases remove these nasty chemicals from the trigger point, helping to deactivate the trigger point and reduce pain and muscle spasm.

Dry Needle Therapy is often described as ‘medical acupuncture’. The truth is the only thing dry needling has in common with Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture are the needles we use.

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