Chiropractor Bentleigh

Have you ever had a sore neck or headaches, but didn’t know what to do about it? Neck adjustments (gentle joint manipulations) when used with massage first can be a great way to reduce your neck pain and headaches. Its a safe and gentle way to help you feel better faster. The popping sound you may hear, are small gas bubbles that are released form the fluid in the joint. After the adjustment your neck may feel lighter and have greater movement than before.

At South Eastern Active Health our practitioners work on both your muscles and joints to help you move better and recover faster and reduce your neck pain and headaches. Joint manipulation (Adjustments) are only one of many techniques we use to help our patients. We use a wide variety of hands on techniques to suit your individual needs and help you recover faster.

If you want help with your neck pain or headache, let one of our practitioners help you and book an appointment now: