I was lucky enough to escape the winter blues recently for a fantastic (and much warmer) two-week holiday in Italy. Whilst the break was fantastic and memorable something that wasn’t a highlight was the 20 + hours in the plane.  However, by doing a few small things I was able make it a little more bearable and actually walk off the plane feeling quite good albeit a slightly sleep deprived.

Here are three tips that I used that helped me survive the long flights:

  • Drink lots of water This is common sense, but it does take some effort on the plane. The small cups of water they provide are a good start but more intake is needed. Having a water bottle with you and asking the flight attendants to fill it up for you is a big help. Also, every time you get out of your seat pass through the galley where they will often have more drinks available.
  • Take a lacrosse ball The easiest way to feel better on the plane is to use a lacrosse ball to massage the muscles in the bottom of your foot. It’s so easy you can do it whilst sitting down in your sit.
  • Use this Stretch This stretch is a great way open up your upper back, shoulders and chest whilst also stretching your hips and it is easy to do in a cramped airplane. Place your hands or elbows against a wall then drive your head through your arms whilst keeping your legs and back straight.

Hopefully, these can help you get through a long flight and allow you to enjoy your holiday as soon as you walk off the plane!!