By Dr David Cork - Osteopath

Pregnant? Congratulations!

The body goes through major changes during pregnancy and has to adapt to the increased demands placed on it. The team at South Eastern Active Heath are dedicated to helping you manage your aches and pains during and after pregnancy so you get the support you need.

Common issues during pregnancy

  • Low back pain – approximately 70% of women experience low back pain during pregnancy
  • Headaches, neck and upper back pain
  • Hip, pelvic & gluteal pain
  • Carpal tunnel (i.e. tingling in hands), caused by swelling

Is treatment safe during pregnancy?

According to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, osteopathic treatment provides a safe, effective adjunctive option to improve comfort and reduce the impact of pain commonly associated with third trimester pregnancy.

At South Eastern Active Health we adapt our treatment to the needs of your body as every mum is different and every pregnancy is different. We only use techniques which you feel comfortable with. During the third trimester we take extra precautions, for example we don’t have you lying on your back for too long and we do not perform any manipulation of the spine during this period.

How do you commonly treat pregnancy related pain?

  • We use a pillow specially designed to support your bump to allow you to comfortably lie on your front so we can safely and effectively examine and treat your back and pelvis.
  • We use a range of hands on techniques including massage, gentle joint articulation and stretching to ease your discomfort.
  • Exercises, particularly in the earlier stages of pregnancy, can improve your body’s ability to cope with the increased weight in the later stages of pregnancy. We can put together a program for you.
  • Lastly we provide advice on simple day-to-day changes you can make e.g. pillows and how to adjust your sleeping position to help you get a good night’s rest!
  • Our Dietitian can also provide nutritional advice specifically for pregnancy

Let us look after you so you’re ready to look after your newborn!

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