By David Cork, Osteopath

Resistance tubing, bands and loops are fantastic inexpensive tools to utilise in your rehabilitation or exercise program.

Forms include:

  • Tubing – great for tying around door handles or poles
  • Bands – more comfortable for certain exercises, especially wrapping around your foot or ankle; can be tied in a loop
  • Loops – great for small movements such as clams and crab walks; eliminate the need to tie (and untie) a ban

The level of resistance is based on colour:

  • From lightest to strongest: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Silver

Benefits of using resistance tools:

  • They are portable, take up little room and can be set up quickly
  • They are useful for a multitude of exercises
  • Resistance can be applied from many different directions (as opposed to using weights, where the resistance is only in the direction of gravity)
  • The level of resistance can be modified by increasing the tension on the band/tubing
  • They can be used for strength, mobility and flexibility exercises for many different parts of the body

Talk to your Practitioner about exercises you can do at home with a resistance band, loop or tubing.