Why do we often hear people talk about sleep so much?

Is it really that important?

Dr Daniel Grynberg – Director and Chiropractor – South Eastern Active Health


Usually the first question I get when people walk into my treatment room is, why do you have a bed in your room? The reason being, I always discuss the importance of sleep in order for our body to function properly.

Some of the topics we cover regarding sleep are:

  • How it affects your mental and physical health
  • Its importance in tissue recovery and regeneration
  • Its role in memory and information consolidation
  • Proper pillow and mattress selection
  • The ideal sleep position
  • Exercise and how it relates to sleep
  • Tips to help you fall asleep

Sleep is component of peoples lives that many people undervalue. Its something that is often taken for granted, yet so many people have trouble either falling asleep or waking up many times during the night. Dr Daniel has put together an introductory video about the importance of sleep and answers the three most common questions he gets asked regarding sleep.

  1. Why do we need sleep?
  2. What does it actually do?
  3. How many hours of sleep should I be having?

To find out more and watch the video, click the link here