If you are like many of our clients who suffer from tight, stiff, sore muscles, as well as not being as flexible as you would like, Dry Needle Therapy could be exactly what you need.

Dry Needle Therapy is aimed at releasing tight and tender muscles as well as working on fascia, which is the connective tissue between different muscle and skin layers.

Our specially trained and qualified practitioners feel for the tight, tender and restricted areas in your muscles and then insert very fine needles into these regions. The needles are either left in place for a short period of time, or your practitioner may stimulate the area by moving the needle around.

Dry needle therapy has been shown to help reduce and in some cases remove nasty chemicals that build up in your tight muscles. This helps to deactivate knots in your muscles, reduce pain and muscle spasm, and helps the body move better.

Dry Needle Therapy is often described as ‘medical acupuncture’, and is a favourite techniques amongst the athletes at out clinic.


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