If you are concerned about your weight, your food and nutrition intake may have a role to play. Whether your goal is to lose weight or increase weight, it is important to ensure that you are meeting nutritional requirements and creating long-lasting change.

When weight is a concern, there are commonly other underlying factors contributing to the problem. These can include other medical conditions such as endocrine conditions, sleep, exercise, access to nutritious food, eating habits such as emotional eating or boredom eating. In order to allow for long-lasting impacts, it is important to address and find solutions for such underlying factors.

Our Dietitian – Maddie Lawson, works with clients to create a sustainable lifestyle approach when addressing weight concerns. This means you will receive individualised support, tailored recommendations and expert advice to make healthy eating easier and enable you to feel your best.

Maddie covers a range of topics including

  • Portion control
  • Product Knowledge
  • Quick and Easy Healthy Convenience Options
  • Mindful Eating
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